DEBiL: The Detached Eclipsing Binary Light curve fitter

By Jonathan Devor

Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics


Related Projects

For further analysis of the DEBiL results:

o MECI: A Method for Eclipsing Component Identification

o DEBiL-timing: Better periods through O-C timing variations



o DEBiL paper (published in ApJ)

o Release notes - database format

o Execution pipeline

o Algorithm description [draft]

o Poster (Powerpoint)

o Poster (PDF)

o Demo (AVI movie)

o Source code (Ansi-C)

o Example files



o All DEBiL models (database)

    Light curve catalog (148MB pdf)

o Additional filtration: Non-pulsating (database)

    Light curve catalog (115MB pdf)

o Additional filtration: Detached systems (database)

    Light curve catalog (42MB pdf)

o Complete error/warning log

o Scatter plots and histograms

o All light curve periods (database)


[DEBiL lays at the center of a photometry analysis/reduction pipeline such as this]


[Selected plots from the DEBiL paper. The light curves were taken from the OGLE II bulge fields, with extinction corrections (Sumi 2004)]


Last updated: 3.2.2007